Main Street Morning: Here’s how the Brexit could affect U.S. small businesses

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Here’s what’s affecting my small business, my clients and other entrepreneurs today.


  • How the FAA’s new drone rules are breaking new ground.
  • President Obama wants young people to start more businesses and it’s possible that he may become a franchise owner.

The Economy

  • These are eight key questions answered about the Brexit vote andwhy it’s a cloud without a silver lining for U.S. businesses.

The Elections

  • Tramps Against Trump will send you nudes if you vote against The Donald.


  • These are four tips for business owners to combat employee theft.
  • An expert shares the eight fatal flaws of traditional performance management.
  • A recent experiment at Google suggests there’s a simple way to stop mindless snacking at work.
  • Facebook plans to train their employees to spot their own political bias.


  • Data shows that twenty percent of the biggest corporations pay zero percent in taxes.
  • This is the tough task of keeping a business in the family.


  • This entrepreneur created a global café franchise and is challenging Starbucks.
  • How this entrepreneur overcame hardships of a Chinese prison.


  • Barnes & Noble plans to open four “concept” stores selling beer and wine.


  • Some are predicting that self-service beer may be a trend that could take off.

Sales & Marketing

  • What you need to know about Google’s expanded text ads.
  • Here are three better ways to start your next presentation.
  • How the Brexit is bringing out the creative kings of mobile and ecommerce.


  • Wells Fargo celebrates a group of black business owners who are working to change their communities.


  • There is a growing trend of Millennial matchmakers set on helping people’s dating game.
  • This entrepreneurial engineer is starting his eighth business in Chattanooga.


  • Tests are showing that plants grown in simulated Mars conditions are safe to eat.
  • These are seven game-changing tech innovations that will take off in five to ten years, according to a Google billionaire.
  • Why the app boom is not over.


  • How live video streaming is rising.
  • How fraudsters make billions off business e-mail scams.

Social Media

  • Twitter and Foursquare partner to allow their users to follow major events through location tags.
  • WhatsApp users are making 100 million calls every day.

On This Day in 1967

  • The world’s first ATM is installed at Barclays London.

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